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Welcome to the Esperanto website for Geneva and nearby Regions! 

We hope your visit means that you are interested in learning Esperanto. It is easy to learn - the grammar is simple and very logical. It is also an amusing language and a wonderful way of meeting people of all nationalities without having any language barriers.  Despite its simplicity, Esperanto is a very versatile language.

Our conversation group, The Monday Group (la Lunda Grupo) meets every Monday at 17h30 in the restaurant "Le Galicia", 21 rue des Gares, Geneva (behind the Cornavin Station opposite the Montbrillant Post Office). 

To find out all about Esperanto and hear it spoken, come and join us for an informal appéritif !

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Message from the Sans family :

23rd Kasta-Festo :

For esperantists and their friends

Saturday, 27 November 2021 from 18hrs

Venue : Salon Castafiore, 20 rue Montbrillant, 

opposite Parc des Cropettes.

Our family is very happy to invite you on Saturday, 27 November to the 23rd Kasta-Festo.  We welcome all esperantists in Geneva and the region, near and far - whatever age or level of the language, and even novices, so that participants can discover and use Esperanto together with Esperantists from Geneva. 

The aim of the 'Kasta-Festos' is to create friendly get-togethers with a meal and various presentations and activities as a language exchange and to hear the latest news of our movement.  


18h00 : General exchange - Update on events since the last Kasta-Festo.

19h00 : - Communal meal (pot-luck) - everyone will bring something to eat and drink and everything will be shared round a big table. 

23h00 : - Cleaning and tidying the room, farewells. 

►Before the Kasta-Festo at 16h00, the Annual General Meeting of the Esperanto-Group "La Stelo" will be held in the same location.  Everyone is welcome. 

For more information, please contact Florence or Jacques Sans, 

tel.  +41 (0)22 349 01 86 email  1001bornes@gmail.com


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